#13. Late Night Text



“If you were here, I’d lay you down and cover every inch of your skin with my lips.”

– a text message he sent me when I told him I was feeling alone at night in my hotel room when I was travelling by myself for work

At the moment, it felt really nice. It made me smile, maybe squirm under the duvet and giggle a little. I wish I kept those texts and didn’t just angrily deleted everything.

I wish I could reread the conversations where I was complaining about how I’m suddenly getting rained on by work, and he told me that things will be fine and he’ll be my umbrella. I know, I know, I’m rolling my eyes too.

But then again, as I type these things into a post I know will become public (that probably really shouldn’t be), I’m thinking maybe it was good I deleted those texts. No visible evidence to keep looking through. Nothing to romanticize, nothing to be irrationally upset about.

Now I’m a hunna percent over this whole topic really- that’s “a hundred” for all you non-cool folk. Things like these are just nice to think about once in awhile, y’know?

Maybe it’s not such a good idea to write about this for the world to read about and see my vulnerabilities. Or maybe it’s the whole new-year-new-me going against my previous post and telling myself to be more vulnerable.

Or maybe I just like writing about things I’m currently feeling, and it’s really nothing more than that, who knows!


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