#18. Tessa



I was going through my hard drive yesterday and found a bunch of my old writing for blog posts or short film ideas, and I’d like to share some of them on here. Be warned, we’re talking 3-4 year old stuff, so things can get pretty cringey.

Let’s start off with something I’m pretty proud of. I love this story, partly because I was very attached to the subject at the time, mostly because I thought I was a genius for writing it. I’m completely aware that it’s not exactly good writing, but still, I love it.

If you watched old school Wong Fu Production videos, you can probably tell that they were a pretty big inspiration for me at the time. I didn’t even really realize this was practically a complete rip-off of When Five Fell until I reread it again.

So here goes. This is a story about Tessa.

I met her five years ago. I can’t remember where we were or how it happened. All I remember was seeing her bright, smiling face. She looked incredibly happy to see me, though I didn’t quite understand why. I was just your average joe.

I asked for her name, where she lived, even her email address. I wanted to know everything about her. I just knew that she was right for me. I would sing her favourite songs, and she would show me her favourite movies. We could spend hours just staring into each other. She would tell me everything, about how her day at school went, how her friends are, everything. I would help her out with her projects sometimes, though I think I’m mostly just a distraction from actually getting any work done.

Tessa was my life. We would stay up late just talking, often falling asleep right next to each other. She would be the first I see when I wake up. Bare-faced, but still radiant as ever. I was so blessed to have someone like her. She taught me nearly everything I know, and would be patient with me when I’m having any troubles. She’s great, and I wouldn’t have been able to find anyone better than her even if I tried.

I met Tessa’s friends a few times. We weren’t properly introduced, but I’ve seen them before. She never felt quite as comfortable talking to me when they were around. She didn’t feel comfortable letting them talk to me either. She was cautious, watching their every move around me. It was like she was incredibly protective of me. That made me feel much more loved, but she truly did not have anything to worry about. I am hers, and she is mine, and that is how it will always be.

Tessa would show me her world. She would bring me to her workplace and sneak a chat when her colleagues weren’t looking. I would show her interesting articles I found, and she would then show her friends during their lunch break. Sometimes we would spend time at her favourite cafe, sitting in perfect silence. After awhile, I started getting too tired, and we would have to go back home early.

The other night as we were talking, her mother walked into the room. Neither of us had realized that it was already two in the morning, and her mom scolded her for not being in bed yet. “Ugh, you don’t understand”, Tessa said. I was glad she defended me. She always defended me. I was completely, irrefutibly in love with her. I still am very much in love with her.

She met me five years ago. I can barely remember most things now. All I remember is her beautiful face, but she seems to be smiling less nowadays. She no longer looks so happy to see me, and I could never figure out why. I was still her average joe.

My age is catching up with me. I would constantly forget who she was, and ask for her name. I do not understand how I could possibly forget such a beauty. I could no longer sing her favourite songs, and no longer had the attention span to watch her favourite movies. We used to spend hours together, but she can barely stand to be with me for more than an hour. “Dude, I don’t have time for this. Just fucking work already!”, she screamed at me. I didn’t understand why she was upset.

Tessa is still my life, but I am slipping out of hers. She would get home from work, and she wouldn’t even look at me. We stopped sleeping together. I barely see her around anymore. I miss her deeply, but to be honest, I truly am too tired to get up myself. I no longer run like I used to. On the off-chance that we do end up spending time together, I would accidentally fall asleep on her. I’d wake up to her exhausted upset face, screaming at me, “fuck! FUCK! Why can’t you just do your job?!”. I’m sorry, I can change, I want to say. But we both know I can’t.

It took too much time and patience to take care of me, and it would cost too much money to get me treated, so she had no choice. One day, I heard her laughing at her desk. It was a laugh I could recognize immediately, the same one I heard millions of times over the past five years. She was with someone new. I didn’t know what to do or how to react. I couldn’t stand seeing them so happy together, but I couldn’t move. Tessa, I tried calling out, but you couldn’t hear me. You were completely smitten by him, like how you used to be with me before.

But at least you’re happy. And you’re smiling. And I know I’ll always have the image of your beautiful face, and memories of your stunning voice, and I’ll treasure it forever. Goodbye, Tessa.

If you couldn’t tell the narrator was a mobile phone. Whoops. Told you it’s mediocre writing!

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